Sunday, July 31, 2011


i'm back on the blogosphere after several weeks of intensive work, fun, and family. it's been extremely tough juggling 8 units and having family over in my (thankfully) spacious studio. french 121b is one of the toughest french literature courses you can take, and ochem needs no intro. thankfully it's almost over, and even though i've spent days and nights studying with no end, i feel really great. crazy to think that in a couple of weeks, fall will be at my doorstep.

yesterday i visited a nearby thrift shoppe that's literally a block away from my place, a real gem that's only open a couple times a week. props to my mom for taking me! i ended up leaving a few dollars lighter and one ring heavier; a 14k gold (solid, not plated!) ring with a single, iridescent ruby. granted, it was probably one of, if not the most expensive thing in the store, but i feel like i've scored such a find! vintage jewelry is always so beautiful, and to find them in mint condition with genuine materials is a bonus. will definitely wearing this number day and night.

also, super busy playing with taro gomi's play all day punch-out book.

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